Lokar offers "U-Cut-To-Fit" Speedo cables for Chevy and Ford applications. They also offer a braided stainless headlight conduit that is "U-Cut-To-Fit", non-kinking stainless steel. Kit includes two 12" flexible teflon lined housings, threaded steel studs, aluminum fittings, aluminum grill shell washers and headlight wire. Their adjustable column shift linkage is available for Chevy and Ford applications. They offer column cable shift linkage for all GM transmissions except Powerglides.

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L152   SP-1500U
L152 SP-1500U

L224   SP-1501HT
L224 SP-1501HT

L225   SP-1502U
L225 SP-1502U

L226   SP-1503HT
L226 SP-1503HT

L189   HL1900
L189 HL1900

L154   ACA1800
L154 ACA1800

L155   ACA1801
L155 ACA1801

L171   BL1400U
L171 BL1400U

Speedo Cable Kit SP-1500U
Speedo Cable Kit SP-1500U