The SureCharge Battery Minder works great in maintaining those batteries that sit for long periods of time. They keep the battery at full charge at all times so when it is time for you to use it, it is ready to go! They are perfect for your boat, motorcycle or car batteries. They come in 12 volt and 6 volt and are backed by a 5 year warranty!

We also carry a 100% Lambswool duster which is perfect for dusting your classic car. They contain natural lanolin oils that attract and hold dust like a magnet. The Kiwi Kleener measures 24 inches and never needs to be washed!

The door sleeves work great to hide up to nine wires from the car to the door. The set of flange nuts come in a set of 6 and locks in on one side so you only need one wrench when working on your headers.

Outside rear view mirrors come in two sizes:  3" diameter and 4" diameter. We offer stainless steel overflow tanks in four different sizes: 13", 15", 17" and 19". All sizes come with mounting hardware.

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12 Volt SureCharge
12 Volt SureCharge ..
6 Volt SureCharge
6 Volt SureCharge ..
24" Duster made from 100% lamb's wool ..
Door Sleeve
Door Sleeve ..
Flange Nuts
Flange Nuts ..
3" Outside Rear View Mirrors
3" Outside Rear View Mirrors ..
4" Outside Rear View Mirrors
4" Outside Rear View Mirrors ..
13" Overflow Tank
13" Overflow Tank ..
15" Overflow Tank
15" Overflow Tank ..
17"Overflow Tank
17"Overflow Tank ..
19" Overflow Tank
19" Overflow Tank ..
HPC Coated
HPC Coated ..
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